The history of art in Canada

The development and growth of art in Canada is a collective effort from the first nations people to the immigrants who are both Europeans and non-Europeans alike. The Canadian art will be defined as the creation of artwork which covers visual, sculptures, and all other forms of artworks.Read More →

canada modern art

Canada is a place where people of diverse origins live together. These multicultural roots have given rise to a unique culture altogether, one that the country is proud of. You can find anything in Canada. From beautiful places to visit, to historical places, to places replete with modern art, it can offer everything you ask for. Located in Canada, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art serves as a platform for Canadian modern artists to showcase their unique perspectives and push the boundaries of artistic expression. From thought-provoking installations to captivating paintings, the museum’s diverse collection reflects the multicultural fabric of the country. Additionally, don’t miss the enchanting Nuit Blanche in Calgary, an annual event that transforms the city into a captivating open-air gallery. During Nuit Blanche, renowned artists from Canada and around the world come together to create immersive installations, performances, and interactive experiences. MOCCA and Nuit Blanche combine to offer visitors a truly enriching and dynamic cultural experience, showcasing the vibrant spirit of Canadian contemporary art.Read More →