What famous art galleries you can visit in Canada

Surreal, abstract and traditional art are some of the most common categories of arts in Canada. Canada is a very artistic country and therefore a dream destination of all the artists worldwide. The best part of Canada is its landscape which allows the artists to paint the very fresh look which the country has to offer. There are many art galleries as well as organizations which have been working for the Canadian artists. These galleries portray the best art from all over Canada. The artistic approach of all the art organization makes sure that the new talent is brought forward. Canada is one of the very few countries of the world which is rigorously working in this field.

National Gallery of Canada

It can be regarded as the best gallery in Canada. The best part of this gallery is that it portrays the art in every form. The best form of art is presented from all over Canada. The art gallery is located in Ottawa which makes it a center point of the country. The gallery also hosts a photography institute which can be contacted if you want to become a professional photographer. The art gallery also offers short film festivals which makes it easy for the grooming or new artists to showcase their talent.

Art Gallery of Ontario

Abbreviated as AGO it is located in Toronto. It is a very large space which makes it possible for the users to quench their artistic thirst. It also has one of the biggest art collections in the world. The gallery has 90,000 art pieces which date back to the first century. It considered being one of the largest galleries in North America. The history of AGO is very diverse and it has hosted the art exhibitions which are greatly praised by the artists from all over the world. It is also a very popular tourist destination and people love visiting this place.

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Located in Kleinburg the place has one of the finest art collections which are visited by millions from all over the world. The oldest art collections can be found here and it is a very well renowned place. It was originally built in 1954 and since its inception, it has hosted the events which have increased its value in the world of art. The current form of the gallery was approved in 1965 and the same year it was relented. It is one of the places which have made it possible for the people to see the collections which would not have been possible otherwise.

The Rooms

It is more of a cultural facility which has made it possible for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador to view the art collection of the native area. The management of the art gallery is awesome and therefore it is highly advised to the tourists. It was opened in 2005 and the area on which it is situated is regarded as the national historic site of Canada. It is preserved as it is for the tourists to see.